“ATL – Amiron Technologies Ltd.” is involved with various industries stock solutions with an emphasis on electronics, hi-tech, aviation and metal industries. The company deal’s with entire plants, factory parts, machinery, equipment and components.

The highlight of the company is the proven, accumulated ability during 27 years to provide excess inventory solutions with fairness and integrity. Experience and connections that accumulated over the years will maximize your surplus inventory value.
Whether if it is closing factories, closing production lines, dead stock or slow inventory, we’re able to provide the following services:

Immediate Purchase: Making your excess inventory into cash.

Continuous Purchasing: Individual sale, over time, when the excess inventory is located in your warehouse. We market it and the payment is made per sale.

Local Consignment: Moving the goods in our warehouse for sale,
when payment is made every month including a summary report on all the details of the sales for the same month.

Overseas Consignment: Moving the goods to our U.S. warehouse for sale, when payment will be made each quarter, including a summary report on all the details of the sales for the same quarter.

Purchase plants and part factories: In this framework the company gives a total solution for selling a production lines and factories. Among the major projects in this field we can specify the purchase of TV Factory activity of “Samsung” Hungary and the purchase of “Reebok’s” production lines in the U.S.